Biotechnology Colleges in Nepal


What is Biotechnology?
Biotechnology 101
The definition of biotechnology varies, but a simple definition is the use of living organisms by humans. One example of biotechnology is cloning.  We have been cloning plants for centuries. Each time a leaf is excised from a violet plant and placed in soil to grow a new plant, cloning has occurred. Today, we are not only doing the physical manipulation at the visual level but also on the molecular level. In modern or molecular biotechnology, we physically select the desired characteristic at the molecular level and add it to the organism's genetic makeup.

Biotechnology is the science for this century. With its advances, we are on the first part of a great journey. Humans have expanded their understanding of the biosphere by journeying into space and exploring the depths of the ocean. We have not only been able to look at the surrounding universe and the depths below with the advancement of tools and techniques, but we also have been able to live there. Advanced tools and techniques are now allowing us to look at the universe of atoms. Biotechnology is utilizing the sciences of biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, computers, and information technology to develop tools and products that hold great promise. Humans have spent thousands of years selecting for and cultivating the best traits nature has to offer. Now with the help of biotechnology, nanotechnology and a host of other sciences, we are able to harness these traits at the atomic level to develop safe and beneficial crops, medical treatments, biofuels and household products.

Both traditional and modern biotechnology share the same foundation:  the use of living organisms to enhance crops, fuels, medical treatments and a host of other tools that can help humans.  The two schools of thought about what biotechnology is can elicit much debate.  Whereas modern biotechnology manipulates the genes of organisms and inserts them into other organisms to acquire the desired trait, traditional biotechnology harnesses the potential of processes performed by living organisms, such as fermentation.