BAMS Colleges in Nepal


Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery(BAMS)
The word ‘Ayurveda’ is formed by the combination of two words:-  Ayu =   Life+Veda = Scientific Knowledge. The science which provides the knowledge about life is called Ayurveda. Also called as “Science of Life
Course Duration
 5½ year (including 1 year compulsory internship)
Candidates who have passed Proficiency Certificate in Traditional and General medicine or Intermediate in Science with Biology or 10+2 with English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology (EPCB) and with at least 50 % marks in aggregate are eligible to apply
•    BAMS is equivalent to the Graduate in the related field
•     Opportunity for further studies such as MD, MS, MPH, PHD etc.
•     After completion of this course, doctors will have integrated knowledge of Ayurveda, Allopathy, Yoga, Naturopathy etc.
•     After completing the course, the person will be able to work in Government of Nepal as well as private hospitals and clinics, institutes, NGOs, INGO’s etc.
•     Since there are lot of things hidden, it is a virgin and fertile field for research.
Due to the increasing popularity of Ayurveda all over the world, the BAMS doctor has higher scope worldwide.
Course Syllabus :
•    Anatomy (both Ayurvedic & Modern) ,Physiology (both Ayurvedic & Modern),History of Ayurveda ,Astanga Sangrah ,Philosophy ,Sanskrit
•     Social & preventive Medicine (Both Ayurvedic & Modern),Pharmacology (both),Pathology (both),Forensic science(1 month posting in TUTH, Maharajgunj) & toxicology,Rasa sastra & Vaisajya Kalpana, Charak Samhita.
•     Surgery (Shalya Tantra) ,ENT (Shalakya Tantra),Pediatrics (Kaumar Bhritya),General medicine (Kaya chiktsa),Gynecology & Obstetrics(Stri Roga tatha Prasuti Tantra),Charak Samhita Uttaradh
•    1 year compulsory internship

Aayurveda (BAMS) Colleges In Nepal
1.    Aayurveda Campus, Kritipur(TU)
2.    National Aayurveda Campus, Birgunj(TU)
3.    Institute of Ayurveva,NSU( Nepal Shanshkrit University) Dang
4.    Mithila Aayurveda College, Janakpur, Affiliated to NSU