Education is the foundation of Development, Peace, Prosperity and a source of Civilization. Nepal has been witnessing a ‘mushrooming trend’ in the arena of academia. Many academic Institutions have shown their presence with a view to enhancing an intellectuality of the students and labeling Nepalese education in line with the changed global context. However, most of them have failed to address, guide and counsel bright and brainy students which has further kept a larger section of society and students under darkness.

We, STUDYNEPAL.COM have endeavored to come up with an innovative, creative and proactive approach in keeping abreast of education and its dimensions. We believe, overall development of people and the nation is viable only through the light of the education. To cut the matter in short, we deal with ‘Education’ and provide you every details ranging from courses, syllabus, admission, result, International standard regarding overall information about education in Nepal.

We have partnered with renowned universities and unique present contextual courses which have always been acclaimed by students of both domestic and aboard. Yet, due to the lack of Internationalization, Nepalese Education has been limited within national frontiers despite its immense potentiality of encompassing the students, researchers and explorers from entire globe.

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